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 Tractor 2011 show in Val Curone Piedmont


For photos of the 2010 tractor show click here

At this year event we has a collection of Model steam engines driving model machine  like a generator, a corn grinding and water pumps

Model Steam engine -

water pump

Model steam engine

The hydrailic pump

driven by steam engine

Model corn griding machine
driven by
model steam engine

pump driven by model
 steam engine

old an dnew tactors even an old FIAT OM lorry
Old tractors and even a
lorry full of straw
Some new work horses

 WWII Jeep
even a WWII Jeep

 Landini tractor
Landini tractor

 Orsi Tortona tractor - testa calda
ORSI - Tortona Tractor
Note the Ferrari Flag on a
Tractor (someone witha sense of humor)

 Plough old
An old ploug usually
pulled by bulls or horses.

 model tractors ORSi and Landini
The old and the model of the old Landini and ORSI tactors

   maccorkick tractor
A McCormick

the modern work horse

ORSI tractor with wheel clamps
Lanz Landini tractor
A Lanz Landini Tractor
tarcker tractors
A set of tracked tractors

small landini
Miniature models of Landini tractors

A people could watch the ploughing done using traditional methods, a very very old ORSI tractor pulling a single blade plough

Click on the image to start the video
  the tractor were made by  ORSI  in Tortona (locally).  The tractors has a single cylinder engine and took over 1/2 hour to warm up with a gas stove underneath the head before it could be started up, a very rare site.

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