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 Tractor 2010 show in Val Curone Piedmont


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Some modern

Some old ones

Unique example

A museum piece

Still working

A rare breed

A small thresher


A large & small threshers

The latest generation

The tracked tractors

A vintage tractors

A rare event and a pleasure to watch
An old thresher powered by a old trastor
were put in full operation .

We could see how threshing was done.
The machine would come to the village/town and all the farmers would bring their corn to be threshed.

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The thresher and the tractor were made by  ORSI  in Tortona (locally).  The tractor - ORSI- (testa Calda) has a single cylinder engine and took over 1/2 hour to warm up with a gas stove underneath the head before it could be started up, a very rare site.

Obviously all this was thirsty work wine and local food was in abundance to replenish the people

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