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A good proportion of properties in Italy are not advertised and are not well marketed, photographs only offer a limited view, descriptions are basic and planimetry is at best poor. 

You have to have local knowledge of who wants to sell, what is for sale and when they want to sell, most of  the properties for sale are based on this knowledge are are "NOT" for sale.

The internet is used as a marketing tool but the information is rarely in English and when  asked about additional details it can be vague and not as detailed as expected from the UK property sales brochures. 

If you are used to purchasing houses in the UK and expecting the  same service from the estate agent, forget it. 

Most of the time the people who you will be dealing with do not speak English or it is very poor. Definitely not of a quality  to explain in English and translate the complexity of the Italian bureaucratic rules of property sales and rent. 

This also poses another problem, being unable to communicate with a potential buyer/seller, therefore difficult when you find a property you like and want to buy or acquire more details to get the correct information for you to make a decision.. 

We speak from bitter experience, and want to change all this, that is why we want to help you, not only find the property of your dreams but at the right price and enjoy living in this country.
  • Additional translation - over and above the standard service 
  • Guaranteed English speaking viewing 
  • Relocation - general tips and information fact sheets will be free of charge 
  • Renovation and planning support - we are able to put clients in touch with local surveyors and architects and provide  continued assistance throughout a project 
  • Property Management
  • After sales support - general tips and information will be free of charge 

Some of  the above services are subject to a separate quotation and all additional fees will be agreed with the client in advance. We can define a service to suit your needs and your pocket.


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Brignano Frascata - Alessadnria - Italy