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Da Volpedo

studio and

museum Volpedo

Giuseppe Pelizza Da Volpedo, post impressionist Italian painter..Born July 28 - 1868 and died June 14 1907 . Comitted suicide after the death of his wife and son.

Most famous painiting "Il Quarto Stato"  (Fourth Estate), that depcts  Socialist and progressive state of Italy, has become a symbol of the working classes.

The painiting (Right) can be viewed at the museum of the Novecento near the Duomo in MIlan 


Pelizza's wife

Mother and Father full size paintings 


Decembre 2012 iced trees

Decembre 2012 iced Rose bush

Decembre 2012 iced Bush

Decembre 2012 iced brook

Xmas 2012

Winter 2012

Early Winter 2012 Val Curone

with backdrop of the Alps

Bruzzo Castle

Brignano Frascata

Photographs of Fr. Frascata - A quaint litttle hamlet that can trace his history back many centuries, an old monestary dates the place in the 13th century and beyond. The remains of a castle go back even further. Narrow streets and allyways with stone built houses make this village pictoresque.

A local alley way

Old entrace to
Canta Capra's castle

Frascata High Street


A typical stone built house

Some local produce
Local Produce


local produce salami
mushrooms porcini

San Sebastiano Curone.

This is an old town which can trace it history back in the. midst of time. The town can be appreciated for its narrow alleyways to make it difficult during an attack as for man on horse back riding through, The Princes palace which has been painstakingly restored and form part of the walled structure of the town. The Council house is a prime example of Genovese architecture, the area was used by the Doria family for many years, the French and Spanish put their mark as well. San Sebastiano was a central point for the Salt Road to the coast. Its market dates back centuries and lately the Truffle festival in November makes it a highlight for the slow food, salami, cheese and wild boar are often on the table.

Santa Maria delle Grazie
c. 1600
S. Sebastiano
Typical narrow alleyway
Palazzo Mazza Galanti
(council house)
Castle Art Festival
santa maria delle grazie church san sebastiano narrow alleyway
council house s. sebastiano
castle S. sebastiano
art festival


Ca Del Monte

The launch
The view
from the launch site
A view from the air
view from the air
wind sock
from the air
from air


Video of the take off  ------- Click on the image to start the video

For people who like clouds formations

these were taken in Brignano Frascata in July 2012 Loris Gatti (c)


For the Entomologists (study of insects)  We have some strange insects, most are shy and run away

This apparently is Cerambyx scopolii (Fuesslins, 1775)  a beetle (someone may correct me).one of the biggest in Italy. Apparently this is a male of the species. It was not happy when I photographed it. It was upside down and I turned it over. As soon as it was on its legs it was off like a "rocket"