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Slow food



Food and Wine

The whole area is renown for its food, good country cuisine using local products, from the peaches of Volpedo which are exported the world over, to the salami of Giarolo, or the truffle of San Sebastiano and the mushrooms, all form the foundations for high quality food, which can be washed down with the local Barbera, Dolcetto or Fresia, all from local grapes, which are from  vineyards which you can see around you .

Wild boar, is regularly (when hunting is allowed) brought to the dinner table, with polenta. Most of the meat served is from local herds.  As we are close to the sea, fresh fish can be found on menus , even local trout regularly make their way on the dinner table.

Some of the local food has received the acclaimed DOP (di Origine Protetta) protected type of production and DOC (Di Origine Controllata) Controlled Origin. These are trademarks which are valued by the local producers as it defines the higest quality of production.

We have been able to organise, with a local hotellier/golf club , cooking classes from their cfef, therefore if you come on vacation why not add a little learning that you can take back with yout of Italian slow food cousine.