The House in the Country



Below are some of the activities you can do in the area.

The area is not well known, even in Italy, the guides take great pride in showing you around.  The undiscovered Italy.

The scenery changes dramatically with the changing seasons.

A short drive away you can reach the Italian Riviera, where you can go and see the famous Genova aquarium, take a boat trip to see dolphins, or the breathtaking scenery along the coast, from Portofino to La Spezia where you will pass by the famous Cinque Terre. One of the most important sea nature reserve in Italy and comprises most of the Ligurian sea.

If the sea is not what you want, Caldirola and the Giarolo mountains provides you with a superb views of where the Maritime Alps and Apennine joins, from the Giarolo, on a clear day you can see the Ligurian sea and Mount Blanc and Moncenisio. A place to walk and relax.



Within a short distance you can actively take part in paragliding either solo or tandem.

In one of the best places for thermals in Italy you can let yourself be carried across by a gentle breeze

Fully trained instructors can organise lessons for you to get your "wings".

These people are very knowledgeable of the local air currents and will make your flights an experience to be treasured

For some photos and video visit the photo web page

Mountain Biking

The trail tracks can be a challenge for any keen mountain-biker, but if this is not good enough you can to travel to Caldirola where, during the winter people ski and in summer the pistes are dedicated for mountain biking, and the National championship events take place on these tracks.

Please ensure that you come with appropriate cycling gear.


You can explore the woods following marked tracks, which will suit the gentle or the professional. walker (not suitable for disabled people)

Be prepared to carry water and food, the air is clean and fresh and will give a good appetite.

Regular organised walks with expert guides take people to experience the best scenarios, normally food is organised at a price..

The guides will be able to explain to you about the flora and the fauna of the local area. Some of rarest orchids can be found in the woods, as well as a multitude of wild life. At the right time of the year mushrooms and truffles can be found -

NOTE you need a permit to pick mushrooms -and expert knowledge, some species are highly poisonous

One of the most spectacular walks takes about 3 days along the salt road (strada del sale), this walk will take you across the valley and to the sea, the same way people for years brought goods from the Riviera into the valley and on to Milan. The local history is full of interesting anecdotes .


If you like to cycle, be prepared, the local roads are used as a training ground for the amateur and the professional all trying to emulate the greatest of them all Coppi or better know as the il Campionissimo or Heron, the much loved cyclist of the 50s, and early 60s (with an amazing heart rate of 44 beats at rest) his native house is not far and can be visited. From a slow incline to a steep 1000 Mtr climb to Caldirola will test anyone, the pass of the Penice is also close and it can test the best.





Back Packing

Back Packing, for the people who enjoys the outdoors, the area offers unique opportunities for the backpackers. The scenaries, marked walks (you can purchase maps describing the walks) and locally you can find noticeboards with a map of the paths, a description of the area with information on the degree of difficulty of walk (beginner, average and professional) the walks can take from 1 hour up to 4.  ALWAYS LET PEOPLE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING.


A new golf course has been opened, it is a full international 18 hole circuit which will test the best.

A club house/health centre and restaurant is part of the golf course.

The Val Curone Golf and Country Club


    A small reflective telescope is available for use. You can visits the Casasco observatory.

    The clear and unpolluted sky allows for extremely high quality observations.


     Piedmont is renown for having amongst the best skiing (winter activities) in Europe, yet Caldirola is a secret, known only to locals. From the top of the mountain, on a clear day, you can see the Ligurian sea -Portofino-, the Martime Alps and Mount Blanc, Ski lifts provide easy access to the pistes.

    Bob Sledging

    All year round track allows you to experience and thrills of the bob sledge.