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Within easy access of main cities and  airports of

Genova, Milan, Turin

we offer an

apartment for sale

Price 60,000  Euro
 Tortona  - Alessandria - Italy -

Tortona is an ancient Roman town, we can still find ruins of its glorious past.

Tortona was called the Rome of the North as it was build, like Rome, on 7 hills.

At center of a crossroads for Milan and Genoa it ecame a focal point for trade.

Even now centuries later main motorways can quickly give you access to the riviera and skiing resorts. Addtionally a railway system can provide access withn 1 hour to Milan and Genoa or Turnin.

A state of the art railway link is currently inder construction.

MILAN with its 3 airports, the famous La Scala, the Castello Sforzasco and some of \leonardo Da Vinci finest works (The Last Supper) ,  is also the finacial and commercial center of Italy and a fashion center of the world.,

GENOA WIth it international passenger port and airport, where Colombus was born. a history second to none. And from Genoa the whole of the Italian  Riveira i open too you.

TURIN The former capital of Italy,with its Royal status of the House of Savoy full of history and one of the most important musum of italy for the affcionados of cars. Offers aso an international airport with extra flights in winter to cope with the skiers.

The apartment could be a 1 or 2 bedrooms unit with a large south facing rear balcony

and it comprises of the following:

 Entrance hall

a sizeble entranc hall opens up to all the rooms

 Bathroom   1

a 25sq mtr bedroom overlooking the front of the house.

This is a tree lined road, quiet with very little traffic

An ADSL high speed network link socket is available


a 25sq mtr fitted kitchen with Washing machine  halogen cooker vetilated owen

A separate water boiler complements the hot water tank in the bathroom .

 Bedroom 2

a 25sp mtr currently this room is set uip as a sitting room.

With  double bed-setee

Digital TV connection socket


7-5 sq. mtr with the normal fitting which are found in a bathroom/toile.

Large hot water boiler

All the rooms have radiators which are centrally supplied

and ample  supply of sockets including digital TV in the sitting room.


Sitting Room or

Sitting Room or Bedroom